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Exhibition at
Galerie Leu, Münich

Olivia Reuterswärd
Lustgård / Pleasure Garden
Opening: 21 March, 5 - 8 pm
Exhibition 21 March - 28 April, 2024

Galerie Leu is pleased to present Olivia Reuterswärd’s first solo-exhibition at the gallery: Pleasure Garden. This marks the artist’s first solo-exhibition in Germany. The opening takes place on Thursday, 21 of March, 5-8 p.m. in presence of the artist.

In Olivia Reuterswärd’s pure and sensitive works, there is an ambiguity between hope and fear. The artist works intuitively, the canvas, light, and color create a relationship that intelligibly was given time to mature through different stages. The exhibition consists of eleven new meditative oil paintings in dialogue with one another, which stylistically maintain a balance between figuration and abstraction. Reuterswärd works with linseed oil and employs numerous layers to receive the result. In this thorough process of drying and adding each layer on top of the other, the artist immerses herself into the paint and its consistence.

The title, Pleasure Garden, describes the artist’s mental state and physical experience while painting. Pleasure Garden, is a bittersweet place, which you can enter and exit. It is a kind of utopia, beautiful beyond words, a fairy tale place full of love and protection but simultaneously treacherous and forbidden. Reuterswärds’s paintings are deeply personal and deal with desire and other worldliness.

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