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Olivia Reuterswärd, born in 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden, holds a BFA from Beckman School of Art and Design in Stockholm and studied at Florence Academy of Art. She debuted as a painter in the early 2000s and currently works with a range of mediums, aside from painting, she also works with sculpture, performance, installation and poetry. Further, she has an extensive background as a notable illustrator with a strong focus on fashion illustration and as a textile designer. During the 1990s she was as a designer at H&M in the “White Room”. In her career a designer, Reuterswärd has collaborated with renowned institutions, such as The National Museum of Sweden, Svenskt Tenn, IKEA and Nordiska Kompaniet. She currently has her studio in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Her most recent exhibitions and projects include a performance at the House of Nobility, Stockholm in 2023, several group-exhibitions at Galerie Leu, Munich, the solo-exhibition On My Honour at Galleri Glas, Stockholm in 2019, and a poetry reading at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm in 2019.

Olivia Reuterswärd is represented by Galleri Glas, Stockholm and Galerie Leu, Münich.

Each stroke of her brush, each sculpted form, and every installation whispers a personal story, inviting the viewer to step into the world of Olivia Reuterswärd.


2016 Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy.

1984-1987 Beckman’s School of Design (Fashion) corresponding to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, BFA, Stockholm, Sweden.

1983 Stockholms Tillskärarakademi - Pattern design, Stockholm, Sweden.


Solo Exhibitions
2024 La Bellezza Del Respiro, il Rivellino LDV ART GALLERY, Locarno, Switzerland.

2024 Lustgård / Lustgarten, Galerie Leu, Munich.

2019 Reuterswärd’s Poetry, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
2019 On My Honour, Galleri Glas, Stockholm.
1994 Hellman house, Nyköping, Sweden.


Group Exhibitions
2023/2024 Winter Show, Galerie Leu, Munich.

2022 Group Exhibition II, Galerie Leu, Munich.

2022 Multifaceted, Galerie Leu, Munich.

1987 Beckman's Graduation Show, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Beckman's Graduation Show, Modemässan Stockholm, Älvsjö, Sweden.
1985 Portable Art, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.


2024 Reuterswärd’s rebirth performance version 2, il Rivellino LDV ART GALLERY, Locarno, Switzerland.
2023 Reuterswärd’s rebirth performance, The House of Nobility, Stockholm.
2019 Poetry at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.


2019 KRO The Artists' Association of Sweden.
2019 BUS Image copyright in Sweden.
1995-2012 KKV (Artists' Collective Workshop) - fabric printing and oil painting.

Artist talks

2019 Olivia Reuterswärd & Fredrik Wretman, On My Honour, Galleri Glas, Stockholm.

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